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Lists13 years ago

10 Songs About Winter

Sure, there are plenty of songs about winter. Between those seasonally inescapable Christmas carols and the preponderance of “Let It...

Lists14 years ago

Top 10 Country Music Albums of 2010

If your musical tastes are anything like mine, you’ll remember 2010 as one of the worst years for country music...

Lists14 years ago

10 Songs About Actors and Actresses

These ten songs about actors and actresses are all OSCAR-worthy performances. 10. Rain Perry – “Keanuville” You really have to love...

Lists14 years ago

10 Songs About Lonely Ladies

Hey there, lonely girl–maybe these 10 songs about lonely ladies will cheer you up. 10. Pink – “Lonely Girl”  Written by...

Lists14 years ago

10 Songs About Chicago

10. Steve Goodman – “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request”  Like the Cubs’ century without a World Series title isn’t depressing enough,...

Lists14 years ago

10 Songs About Washington, D.C.

10. Mambo Sauce – “Welcome to D.C.” This insidiously catchy song hits every item on the local song check list...

Lists14 years ago

10 Songs About Monkeys

What’s more fun than a barrel full of monkeys? Not much, but these ten songs about Monkeys are anything but...

Lists14 years ago

10 Songs About Coffee

Need a midday boost? Fill your cup with these ten songs about Coffee. 10. Descendents – “Coffee Mug” Who needs caffeine when...

Lists15 years ago

The 10 Worst Country Music Singles of 2009

Picking the year’s “worst” songs (an admittedly subjective matter) is quite a bit more difficult than picking the year’s best,...