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Seether – “Country Song”



First of all, Seether’s “Country Song” is not a country song. Based on the recent glut of rockers “going country,” I was quite relieved to find this out. The title is instead simply an homage to Nashville—where the song was recorded—and a reflection of the organic feel of the verses, according to the band.

What “Country Song” is is a pretty standard modern rock anthem with stripped down verses and amped up choruses, perfect for summer fist-pumping at the rock music festival of your choice.

The South African hard rockers break little new ground with this ditty, but it’s a catchy and engaging single. Seether has always been on the melodic side of contemporary rock and “Country Song” is no exception.

It starts off with a stomping and, yes, country-esque stanza (replete with twanging guitars), before crunching head on into a riffing, thunderous chorus, with the appropriate crowd-participation-ready “hey’s” and “whoa’s.” As commercial rock goes, it’s a satisfyingly realized tune with plenty of emotional give and take, even if the subject matter is the usual angst of a bad relationship.

As dark and hopeless as the lyrics are, there’s still a cathartic release to the song that will resonate with fans of bands like Shinedown and Sick Puppies. The sonically rustic leanings of the verses may put off a few long-time fans of Seether, but this is likely a one-time experiment before the band gets back to delivering their usual blend of post-grunge anger, noise and melody.

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