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Notes on Monster Rally’s Coral LP



Here’s what the debut LP from San Francisco’s Monster Rally sounds like:

—The doo-wop resort architecture in Wildwood, NJ.

—A beachside tiki bar where your mom’s drinking martinis out of plastic glasses.

—The music George Jetson listens to on his way to work each morning.

—Staying home sick from school and watching an I Dream Of Jeannie marathon on TV Land.

—A dream you had the other night in which you participated in a bossa nova dance-off.

—A salty breeze as you’re driving on a highway past a bay in the morning.

—The music The Avalanches would use for their slideshow of recent vacation photos.

—The Brady Bunch episode in which they all go to Hawaii and get cursed by a tiki god.

—That day in late March when you go outside and, for the first time all year, it actually feels like spring. And you don’t need to wear a jacket after all.

—If you traveled back in time to mid-’60s Brazil and told Luiz Bonfá about chillwave.

—The music you hear at the Ft. Lauderdale airport (to which you’ve traveled because you’re spending the week with your dad’s parents) while you’re waiting for your luggage in the baggage claim area.

—Ice cold lemonade.

—A Hawaiian flower lei.

—If you were one of the ad executives from Mad Men and you had to impress a Brazilian client whom you invited over for drinks and casual business conversation.

—The sun.

—High tide.

—The moon on a humid summer evening.

—Music you’ve cherished for a long time, even though it was only released a couple weeks ago.

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