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Josh Thompson – “Won’t Be Lonely Long”



The early twist in Josh Thompson’s “Won’t Be Lonely Long” comes as no surprise, the opening downer of a verse serving as a contrasting set-up for the big reveal. Josh starts off by meekly telling us of a seemingly sad break-up, but, as you may have guessed from the title, he won’t be lonely long.

After that first few lines of sandbagging, he reveals that he’s headed directly to the local drinking establishment for a beer and some babes to ease his sorrows. In fact, beyond the opener, all mention of the broken relationship fade into a festive haze of smoke and neon. “Ladies tonight it’s on” sings Josh over a catchy piano and guitar driven chorus.

While not as spiteful—nor as rife with vibrant imagery—as Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” “Won’t Be Lonely Long” provides nearly as much cathartic release. You can’t be sure if the ex was so in the wrong that being kicked to the curb feels like freedom or if he’s merely covering up the loneliness with his partying exploits, but it really doesn’t matter. This is a fun up-tempo kiss-off that gets reality out of the way in lieu of some unbridled carousing.

While men rule the charts these days, they rarely get to express any attitude when it comes to love and the lack thereof, and in this light, the song feels fresh. Of course, originality is subjective in the fast moving world of pop culture, so “Won’t Be Lonely Long” is merely distinctive in the vacuum of this year’s chart. It’s far from novel, but it’s still lively enough to have plenty of appeal.

There’s no reason to overanalyze a song that works this well, so roll down your windows (if your local clime permits) and crank it up. Josh Thompson has given us dudes our own “forget you” anthem, so enjoy.

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