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Datarock – “Catcher In The Rye”



Norwegian electro-rock group Datarock isn’t exactly the talk of the town. They’re one of those bands that never really shows up on the radio, but is all over video games, commercials and fun montages on TV shows. With two albums under its belt, the little-known trio now wants some press, and in that spirit, the group has announced a new EP, entitled Catcher in the Rye.

Except that this isn’t just an EP. Datarock’s website proudly names it, “The most extravagant single in history,” and although I’d be hard-pressed to call it a single, they have a point. Dropping March 21st on a 4-gigabyte USB drive, the new 5-song release will be complemented by 105 bonus tracks (that’s not a typo), 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and an hour’s worth of concert footage.

Extravagant indeed. No word yet on the price.

But is the song worth the promotion? Well, “Catcher in the Rye” steals the title of the famous J.D. Salinger novel, as well as borrowing the character in order to speak from his point of view. The lyrics aren’t memorable, but represent Holden Caulfield rather well: “I don’t want to be no hero/I wouldn’t care to wear a halo,” as Kevin O’Brien asserts loudly on the chorus.

Musically, the track runs on a disco beat, a playful bass, and synths that invoke a mixture of White Lies, Hot Chip, and Pnau. There wouldn’t be a whole lot to remember without the vocals, but somehow the “ay-ay-ay-ay” that O’Brien loves to yell throughout the song manages to draw out just the right elements of the beat to create a wholly addictive and dancable three and a half minutes.

Did I mention danceable?

When you want to shake your ass, you might as well do it in the name of classic American literature.

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