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American Noise aims to be a voice of sanity in a world overwhelmed by bullshit. We publish stories about authors, artists, activists, advocates and agitators in every realm of society — from poetry to pop culture to politics.

Our content includes arts and culture criticism (music, film, literature and theatre reviews), as well as original news and investigative reporting, fiction, poetry, photography and anything else that is interesting, relevant and resonant.


Jim Malec, editor:


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American Noise
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What we cover

We write about books, movies, music, cool widgets, great food and drinks, and everything else that makes life interesting.

The best way to catch our attention is by sending us a physical object. We get hundreds of emails every day and it’s hard to sift through everything to find the good stuff. We’re most likely to open emails from publicists we know and trust (hint: call us maybe?).

When you send us something in the mail, you’re basically forcing us to look at it.

What we don’t cover…

This policy also helps us filter out stuff we’re definitely, absolutely not going to write about under any circumstances* including but not limited to:

– That hot track you recorded 10 minutes ago in your bedroom and uploaded to Soundcloud
– That erotic cowboy vampire sci-fi novel you self-published on Amazon
– Your latest unboxing video (Please stop. For the sake of society, we are begging you.)

* Ok, so you think these rules are unfair?

Maybe they are.

Maybe your cowboy vampire space opera makes an unexpected and important literary contribution.



If you think so, write us a letter or send us a postcard with your elevator pitch. Don’t have a hard copy of your book? Print out 10 of the best pages and mail them to us. Make an effort if you want our attention.

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