Maroon 5 – “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”


Maroon 5′s third single from last year’s Hands All Over is the pop/rock semi-ballad “Never Gonna Leave This Bed.” The band is desperately reaching for another hit after “Give a Little More” topped out at #86 on the Billboard charts; by comparison, four singles from each of their last two albums made it to the Top 50 in the U.S.

“Never Gonna Leave This Bed,” however, is a shameless attempt to copy previous third singles “She Will Be Loved” and “Won’t Go Home Without You,” both in style and in release strategy. Lyrically, the track maintains the lovesick airs of those past singles with lines like “I’d give it all away just to get you back.” Musically, “Leave This Bed” features a melody remarkably similar to past Maroon 5 ballads, sung over bland instrumentation that wouldn’t be out of place on a Christmas-rock release. There is very little original or exciting about the song.

But because of the ballad qualities, it was chosen to be released directly after two funky upbeat singles, repeating A&M/Octone’s strategy for Maroon 5 releases. In the past, the approach has paid off—”She Will Be Loved” topped out at #5 in the nation—but because of the weaknesses of the song, “Leave This Bed” will likely not garner enough radio play or attention to match that success. In the end, the song will be included on Maroon 5′s future Greatest Hits album—but at the back end.


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