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Craig Morgan – “Still a Little Chicken Left on That Bone”



“There may not be a lot of roll left in that stone, but there’s still a little chicken left on that bone,” sings Craig Morgan on his new single.

There’s a little “tick” left in that “tock,” a little bit of crank left in that clock, a little bark left in that dog, a little bit of hop left in that frog, and very little brain function left after hearing these lyrics.

Morgan shouts his way through “Still a Little Chicken Left on That Bone,” a mind-numbing song about which the best thing I can say is that it does indeed contain words.

The song’s verses are comprised of two stock country music characters—a divorced 34-year-old woman and a shade-tree mechanic—and Brett Favre.

The woman gets ‘back on the saddle,’ the mechanic fixes up an old GTO, and Brett Favre doesn’t quite make it to the Super Bowl.

The point? “Hey, you’re never too old to make another go of it.” A sentiment which the song communicates to listeners by telling us not to pour out our Coca-Cola, “if it’s still got a little bit of fizz.”

Oh dear.

Trying to criticize a song like this on artistic merits is like trying to criticize a Double Whopper with Cheese for being unhealthy, but it is worth noting that this song—meant to inspire people by listing a bunch of things that aren’t worn out—contains a line, right before the hook, which gives an example of something that’s worn out.

The statement that there’s “not a lot of roll left in that stone” makes absolutely no sense in the context of these lyrics. Wouldn’t something like, “There’s still a little bit of roll left in that stone” be more in keeping with the spirit of the song?

The fact that this song will probably be a hit on country radio hurts my soul and steals a little bit of my remaining faith in society.

Jim Malec is a journalist whose work has appeared in American Songwriter, Country Weekly, Denver Westword and others. He is the founder of American Noise and former Managing Editor of The 9513.

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