10 Songs About Lonely Ladies


Hey there, lonely girl–maybe these 10 songs about lonely ladies will cheer you up.

10. Pink – “Lonely Girl” 
Written by Linda Perry, this song—along with a handful of others from sophomore album Missundaztood–separated Pink from your average pop singer. She’s never sounded better than she does trading lyrics with Perry in the chorus.

09. Blue Giant – “Lonely Girl” 
Loneliness doesn’t sound so bad when Anita Robinson sings about it ever-so-delicately here.

08. Freedy Johnston – “Don’t Fall in Love with a Lonely Girl” 
Falling in love with a lonely girl might suck for the fallen, but the resulting four minutes of hooky, singer/songwriter bliss are pretty great for everyone else

07. Lucinda Williams – “Lonely Girls” 
The opening track of Essence sets the tone for the rest of the introspective, moody album. The deceptively simple lyrics (the song’s title is repeated for about half the song) conclude with “I oughta know about lonely girls.” Williams sure does know, and few tell the tales of loneliness better than she.

06. Todd Snider – “Lonely Girl” 
A lonely girl with eyes full of cigarette smoke and regrets seems to have found her lonely boy counterpart. This one’s a gem of a ballad from Happy to Be Here.

05. The Grass Roots – “You’re a Lonely Girl” 
An insanely catchy, fuzzy folk-rock B-side about a lonely girl trying to hide from her heart. At least, that’s what The Grass Roots see when they “look into the mirror of [her] eyes.”

04. Bob Luman – “Lonely Women Make Good Lovers” 
“If her lips are wet with wine/When it comes to lovin’ time/She’ll trade her pride for something warm to hold.” All aboard the Desperate Express!

03. Joan Armatrading – “Lonely Ladies” 
“Lonely Lady” was Armatrading’s debut single. Listening to the song’s irresistible combo of slick guitar and Armatrading’s rich voice, its failure to chart on either side of the pond is a little befuddling.

02. Janis Joplin – “A Woman Left Lonely” 
This song, from Joplin’s posthumous album, Pearl, is beautiful in its raw soulfulness. It’s near impossible to listen to her here and not wonder what might have been.

01. Eddie Holman – “Hey There Lonely Girl” 
Holman scored his only major hit with this adaptation of Ruby & The Romantics’ “Hey There Lonely Boy.” It’s one of those songs that always seems to pop up on television or in movies, but who can complain about getting to listen to Holman’s falsetto?


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